Monday, March 8, 2010

Feeling a bit overwhelmed

It seems as if a lot of things have been going on to put a squeeze on my free (training) time lately. I find myself getting really anxious at the thought of having to miss a session. Luckily, I haven't had to yet and will do everything in my power not to miss a session.

Some results of the last few workouts;

20 box jumps/5 push press (used 50lb. dumbbells)/10 burpees AMRAP in 15 minutes. In the middle of one my box jump sets a lady came over and interrupted me to tell me she liked the rhythm of my jumping. Lost my count so either I did 5 full sets plus the box jumps and push presses or 6 full sets, plus the box jumps and push presses.

Run 8x400m with 90 second rest in between. After the first rep(1:33) I had a hard time keeping track on the treadmill, so I kept track of speed for sets 2-8.
Results are as follows; Set 2-10.5mph, 3-11mph, 4-12.1mph, 5-11.8mph, 6-11.5mph, 7-11mph, 8-10mph. Thought of Mike while I was running as the treadmill started emitting a funny smoke like smell. I couldn't tell if it was also making funny noises or if the noises were coming from me.

Yesterday had 7 sets 1 rep max of deadlifts. Warmed up and went 225, 275, 295, 315 failed x 2, 295, 275. Put a huge amount of effort into the 2 failed sets.

I am hoping this week will be more productive all around.


  1. Dan

    Great job on your WOD's. Sometimes its best to step back when you feel a little overwhelmed & take a deep breathe. Between work, training & family it can be overwhelming at times. Your doing a great job. Keep at it!!

  2. Thanks David, I appreciate the comments.