Thursday, March 11, 2010

My knee still hurts

So I switched yesterday to a day off from this Friday thinking it would be a good idea to rest the knee, since it hurt with almost every step yesterday.

Tonight was supposed to be 400m/35lb. kettlebell swings/12 pullups 3x for time. Second part was a 20k bike time trial. I planned to bike instead of run figuring it would save the knee. First round through was a breeze, about a minute into the 2nd round, my knee started hurting with every revolution. The third round I substituted 50 squats for the bike. Finished in 9:45. There was no reason to push my knee for the bike, so I decided not to try and injure it further.

I hope it gets better soon. I think I hurt my knee the other day because of poor posture. My back was a bit tweaked from the row the night before so I think my gait was off. I am praying that's all it is and will improve soon.


  1. Dan

    Take care of that knee. If you need to take an extra day or so do it. Not worth the risk of injuring it further.

  2. Look after your knee - take it easy - although I know how frustrating it is to do this