Saturday, March 13, 2010

I believe the knee is ok

So with a scattered schedule and limping aroung on one leg, my workouts got all out of whack. Had an 8K (a little under 5 miles) race in Central Park this morning. When I got up, I couldn't believe that it wasn't cancelled. Even more amazing was that 2600 other crazy people showed up.

Nancy had a 45 minute 70% run as she is beginning her taper for the big NYC Half next weekend. Our friend Gerrit also joined us. There was no warmup (unless you count mile 1). My knee hurt with every step for the first 2 miles then it stopped hurting, but I still felt it. First mile was done at 7:45, second at 7:40 or so. I tried to pick it up as it felt better and finished in 36:31 (7:20 pace). This was good enough for 41st out of 209 in my new (40-44) age group.

Gerrit must have felt badly for almost lapping me at the race so he came to our apartment to help us paint. After spending the rest of the day in a squat position, my knee actually feels ok. I can hardly tell it was ever a problem. I am hoping my prayers for a quick recovery have been answered.


  1. Dan

    Great job!! Top 20% of AG!!

  2. Good job! My knee acts the same way. When warm don't hurt...