Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nancy is a Star!!!!!

So today was Nancy's A race. It was the big NYC Half marathon. There was over 11,000 finishers.

Nancy ran the Hartford half marathon in October in 2:04 with a ton of IT Band pain. Her fasted per minute mile in any race of any distance is 8:36.

Well, today she ran 1:51:44!!!!! That is good for an 8:32 pace and a PR by almost 13 minutes. She also has been practicing the running drills from Max and ran with NO, I repeat NO pain. She finished 139 out of 677 in her age group.

All this improvement and her total miles ran this year in January was 14.8, February was 16.0 and March up to today was 14.5 miles.

I am so incredibly proud of her accomplishment and frankly a little nervous that I will soon be looking over my shoulder and see her coming up to pass me!


  1. I second that Nancy is a STAR!! Way to go and kick some butt! You rock! You are a proud husband - congrats! Keep up the great work - both of you seem to motivate each other to reach your goals! Fantastic!

  2. This is cool and very motivating. Great job Nancy!

  3. Awesome! Great job. Advil today, all day :)

  4. Excellent job. That is a huge PR!!!!

  5. Great result - well done Nancy :)

  6. YAYYYYY Nancy!!! You are a rock star! So proud of you :-)