Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Woe is Knee

So since today was a gorgeous day and I had the day off, I switched my 13.1M TT to today. I met my friend Gerrit at high noon for a planned 13.8 mile run (2 big loops and a little loop in Central Park). I was so excited to get this in today. We began at Columbus circle and headed off. All was well, the sun was shining, the birds were singing and then it happened. I felt a twinge in my right knee a little below my kneecap at about mile 3.5. Needless to say it killed on the downhills, not so terrible on the uphills. We finished the first big loop in 50 minutes even. It was hurting almost every step at that point. We went around the big loop again and I decided to listen to my knee and stop. Total distance 12.04 miles, total time 1:42:23 (8:30 pace). Don't ask me why this happened. The only other time I have felt any kind of pain at all from running was the 13.3 miles I did a few weeks back. Then, my hip hurt worse than my knee, but both went away after a couple of days. I have done the high speed running, but no real distance since. I am hoping it is an outlier of some kind. Spoke to Max, he said we'll maybe throw in a couple 10K's in the next few weeks to see if it comes back. I am doing an 8K in the park on Saturday and will see how it goes.

Yesterday's 5K row was done in 21:16.

Jane, I do get other websites popping up when I try to read your blog. I will see if I can get some answers.


  1. I hope there is nothing serious going on with your knee.

  2. Hope the knee is good - I am not a religious person, but every day I look up and hope my knees hold out for 5 more months!

  3. Hope it gets better. Can I swap you a good knee for a good foot?

  4. Hey Dan, hope it gets better soon & I don't want to swap your knee or Mike's foot but I'm happy to give away my wonky left side :)

    Would be happy to get some help with the blog, have had a quick look at the help pages & will get the web girl at work to have a look for me too

  5. ARgh! what a bummer! pray it is in fact an outlier!