Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Friday

Was thankful to have a day off from training today as work has been pretty busy. Nancy and I are transitioning to Paleo. I am trying to think of all the things I can eat versus all the things I have to give up. Having a hard time wrapping my head around the changes I'll make. I've pretty much eaten the same breakfast, lunch and dinner for the past year or so. So figuring out something new will take some time. I am excited to see what changes this will have in store for my training.

Couple of workouts to catch up on;

21 Burpees,500m row, 15 burpees, 500m row, 9 burpees, 500m row. Finished in 10:13. Have I mentioned how much I hate burpees?

Other workout was a bike. 3 miles, rest 1 minute, 6 miles, rest 2 minutes, 9 miles, rest 3 minutes, bike 12 miles. Results were as follows; 3 miles = 8:57, 6 miles = 17:34, 9 miles = 26:54, 12 miles = 39:08. Total bike time was 92:33. Aren't crossfit workouts supposed to be short?

On another note, committed to a 60K in November with my friend Gerrit today and Nancy and her brother committed to the Hartford Marathon.


  1. Dan, I can give you some help with paleo eating ideas if you need any help, let me know as I have some good receipes and ideas for mixing up foods

  2. Dan

    Way to hammer out those WOD's!!! Yes you did mention a few times how you hate burpees. We would all agree, they are not the preferred WOD for any of us.