Thursday, January 27, 2011

Still Feeling It

Tonight's workout killed me. It's almost 2 hours later and I can still feel it in my lungs, coughing, can't take a deep breath, etc..

First part was run 400m, 12 thrusters(used 50lb. dumbbells), run 400m, 9 thrusters, run 400m, 6 thrusters, run 400m, 3 thrusters. Treadmill set at 10.0mph, 50lb. dumbbells right next to the treadmill. Finished in 8:27 wheezing, spitting, felt really bad. Luckily for me the bike was still in use. I was able to recover for a whole 4 minutes and hopped on.

This part entailed bike 1 mile, rest 1 minute 8x for time. Felt my breathing the whole time and finished in 30:27 (inclusive of the 7 minutes of rest).


  1. i find either running and thruster or rowing a thruster a brutal combo! i like that bike wod!

  2. Make sure to remind me before the race itself. Albany is not far and I would love to bring the kids up to cheer you on.

    Jon W